Event: Philippine International Balloon Festival 2014 (Part 2)

Updated: 04-23-2014

Night Glow Preparation

As mentioned on Philippine International Balloon Festival 2014 (Part 1), I took rest with a friend’s home nearby the venue. Probably the event organizers provided ample time to the crowd to explore Lubao since one of their purpose of having this the venue is to promote it.

I already expected this from the schedule of events and people make negative comments of they did not see any balloon on the venue. As for me, this was my third year of attending the event. When the balloon flies, they go to a remote area, probably carried by the wind. I understand that if you own a balloon and especially you are on a different place or country, you want to explore and view what does this new place have, adding the passengers who paid for the ride.

The question is, what can the people do while the balloons are flying, especially at the venue? And how can the people be excited even if the balloons are far away? I saw an article from GMA saying what were the other tourist attractions in Lubao which was my other plan if I still have the energy to roam around:

Also saw some on the previous Facebook page of the event:

So I went back at the venue before 5:00 PM and I saw mascots from Fiesta Homes, TJ Hotdog and San Miguel Coffee.

I was not able to take photos of the other mascots since they were far away. I felt like they were trying to get away from me :p

I also took a video of the venue along with the kites flown by the people: (To be uploaded)

At the balloon flight area, there were off road vehicles on display:

Suprisingly I saw Mark Castro (batch mate at elementary / high scool) as one of the Balloon Chasers (saw on his ID) while I was taking photos of the vehicles.

I also wonder what was this stage meant for. I guess this was where the host talking while I was watching the Night Glow:

Before 6:00 PM, we were asked to leave the balloon flight area as the pilots prepare for the Night Glow while the others were flying back:

I also took a short video of the preparation:

During the preparation, a para glider was making a scene:

The crowd noticed that the number of people on the balloon flight area was increasing. Even the people beside me went inside the area to take selfies. Crowd control was inefficient and it seemed that they eventually permitted them to go near the balloons:

Maybe next time, organizers will make a systematic way on having people go near the balloons.

At last, by 7:00 PM, the balloons started the night glow.

To be continued — The Night Glow

Update History:

  • 04-15-2014 – Published post.
  • 04-23-2014 – Added title and link to Part 3

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