Event: Holy Week (Semana Santa) Philippines 2014 (Part 1)

The Preparation Before Good Friday

People in Pampanga was known of practicing penance (penitensya). I saw alot of penitents at our area since I was young. However, I have not watched the crucifixion of the devotees. At this age and as a local in Pampanga, I will share my first experience this 2014.

I went to the man-made Golgotha near Pampang market, nearest from our home before the place will become crowded. The hill is surrounded by fence for crowd control.

Last few nights, I saw the cross standing on the man-made hill when I pass by. But today, 04-15-2014, when I decided to go near and take pictures, the cross are gone. I went up the hill and I saw the base of the cross and children were playing with it. Kids seemed to find it fun and they even imitate what will happen.

I also took a picture of what the devotee will see during his crucifixion. It will be a clear view of people watching him:

Walking distance from the man made Golgotha was the Reading of the Passion (Pabasa) in Baranggay Lourdess Northwest. The street is already blocked for vehicles unlike yesterday. The last time I went here is when I was still studying. Along the street, residents were selling street food, drinks and even whips for flagellation (palaspas) as souvenirs. It costs around P90.00 to P300.00. depending on its size.

I also went to the chapel where the Reading of the Passion is held. I took video of the Reading. As far as I know, these readings go continuously for days until the book is finished.

During my walk, I saw devotees go to the chapel and pray. Took some photos of them. For today, I had not seen any flagellants.

Took also some videos of devotees with their different ways of doing penance:

  • Carrying of cross
  • Crawling

I went back by early morning to see if the cross are back with no success.

To be continued – The Visitation of the Seven Churches (Bisita Iglesia)

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