Event: Holy Week (Semana Santa) Philippines 2014 (Part 2)

Updated: 04-20-2014

The Visitation of Seven Churches (Bisita Iglesia)

The Laity on the Joy of the Gospel – The theme for year 2014. I felt excited to see how would the community on each church or chapel make an altar of repose for this year’s theme though some might have their own theme.The tradition starts after the Last Supper Mass and ends before midnight.

I first went to Holy Rosary Parish to meet my mom after the Last Supper Mass. I was wondering why there is no sign of traffic on my way there at around 7:30 PM. But sooner or later, I expected to see busy streets as I we go to other churches.

While waiting for mom, I took pictures inside the Holy Rosary Parish as a start of the visitation. Took photos of people that come and go to the church. I also took photos of people taking pictures of the altar who are also fascinated with the interpretation and creativity like me. During this time, statues inside the church are not displayed, especially the crucifix:

After I took photos, mom met me and we went ahead to Carmelite Monastery. On our way, we have seen what we have been expecting. Cars were almost not moving. People walking seemed to be faster compared to us in vehicles. It took us about 30 minutes to reach the monastery even if the monastery is walking distance away (about 400 m) from Holy Rosary Parish. The monastery seemed to be most crowded from all of the seven churches we have visited:

A drizzle was unexpected, though. Thankfully, it did not become a rain fall.

Next, we went inside L & S Subdivision to visit The Lord’s Transfiguration Parish. Traffic and parking did not become an issue:

We did not go back to the main entrance of the subdivision but instead went through the side exit reaching Paning’s and drove directly to Bahay Pag-Ibig Chapel. I remember years back, I was astonished with Bahay Pag-Ibig’s altar. And today I was thrilled seeing that the pews were outside the chapel, on the vacant area, and their altar is wide (like HD perhaps?):

Since the altar and pews are outside, Bahay Pag-Ibig’s chapel has no light and is too dark take pictures.

We were planning to go to Telebastagan Church. However, as we were on the Holy Angel Village exit, we saw a long line of traffic, bumper to bumper. We instead went ahead to Fil-Am Friendship Highway going to Jesus the Eternal Word Parish:

The nearest church that we could think from here was the Our Lady of Fatima Parish in Hensonville:

I asked mom if what we should be praying on each church we visit. During my younger years of practicing this tradition, I usually talk to God and ask for guidance. My mom said that we should pray 2 stations of the cross prayer in each church, summing it to 14 stations.

And our final stop, this was where I was baptized, the Sta. Teresita Parish:

So, which altar did you like best? Please vote below and feel free to comment.

To be continued – The Seven Last Words (Siete Palabras)

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