Thoughts: Fan Signs, Fun Signs, Friend Signs

If you liked or followed our facebook page, you probably noticed that we have been uploading pictures of people holding something with “DMKAEL” written on it. This act is what they call fan signing. Some call it as friend sign or fun sign.

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Thoughts: Where to Rent Cosplay Costumes in the Philippines

I happened to browse on some of the blogs I have been following and I happened to find this post very informative to cosplayers, whether a newbie or a veteran 😀

As for me, as much as I want to experience cosplaying but my looks and built is suited only for an orc or Shrek :p

Three Smitten Kittens

Since I noticed many people were looking for where they can rent costumes locally, I figured it was high-time I made a post about recommended places to rent great quality costumes. You may need these for an office party, a one-time photoshoot, or even for a contest. Also, at the end I included my personal notes on renting.

Now let’s start with some Rent Shops / Costume Owners that I know of! In no particular order. I am not affiliated with any of the shops. I’m posting them here based on my experiences with them, based on what I see and hear about them (totally legit and has good feedbacks) and some may be run by acquaintances. The facebook page links are all included so you may contact THEM at their respective pages. Don’t ask me if I rent out my stuff, coz I don’t. xD 

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Thoughts: Puppy Love (Part 1)

What I understand of puppy love is that it is like an infatuation to one another. I also consider it as love during your childhood. Were you able to experience this elementary? Well, I did at grade 3! A lot of people think that I was so young to be in love. But how was the experience?

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Thoughts: Isang Mensahe

Somehow, I was able to relate on this post. Sometimes, I thought it was a waste to some people having an SLR especially when I knew that the owner did not even know or exert effort to know the features of what he owned. Sometimes I give high respects to others seeing that they I exploring or learning photography.

I myself is fond of photography since the first time I had a digital cam. Probably I got influenced by my dad and my family background who has a photo studio. Good thing nowadays is that you can shoot a lot of times and see your photo shoots without spending film and money using a digicam.

Sadly, I am just a frustrated photographer who cannot afford to have an SLR, who is so fond to photography, I just managed to explore what I currently have instead, cellphone photography. I also do not care what other people think. I embraced photography and made as a hobby. It makes me stress free taking pictures of what I love. And best of all, I get to share what I see and experienced to others.



Sa lahat ng established photographers na nagbitaw ng mga katagang “Nagka-SLR lang, photographer na”. Para sa inyo to.

Baguhan akong photographer at maraming beses ko ng narinig to. Hindi naman ang pagkakaron ng SLR ang batayan para matawag ang isang tao na photographer, alam ng lahat yan. Pero ang pagkakaron ng sariling SLR ang nagbubukas ng pinto para makapasok ang isang tao sa mundo ng photography, alam din ng lahat yan. Sa pagkakaron ng SLR nagsisimula ang lahat. Dito nag-uumpisang maging interesado ang isang tao sa mga bagay na kaya niyang ipakita sa pamamagitan ng litrato, dito nakakahanap ng paraan ang iba para maipaabot ang kanilang saloobin, opinyon, sentimento gamit lamang ang mausisang mata sa pagkuha ng anggulo. Sa pagkakaron ng SLR mo malalaman kung hobbyist ka ba o photographer talaga.

Maraming kabataan ang nahihilig dito. Hindi dahil sa lahat sila interesado maging photographer kundi dahil ito ang uso…

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