Event: Batang 90’s Nang Balibago – Cosplay for a Cause

Updated: 01-29-2014

“You Don’t Need a Reason to Help”, this caption struck me on the Batang 90’s Nang Balibago facebook group’s cover photo. The same caption that I saw on the group’s poster on their cosplay event.

Before the event materialized, I was invited to their group. Curiosity gets the best of me, I checked the group posts. First of the posts were throwback pictures of the members, next were pictures at the wake. And the most recent, the group was planning to do a cosplay event. Fond of these kinds of events, I presented to post a blog for it.

It was then that Miller Lopez, the admin and founder of the Batang 90’s Nang Balibago, sent me a private message. He was seeking for assistance in organizing the cosplay event. I Learned from him the real reason why they are doing the event. It is to to help a family indebted by hospital bills after a member died with cancer (the one with the pictures at the wake). I met Miller Lopez before at Trick or Treat VS Cosplay at SM Clark. And I just found out that he works at Guam and he has 2 charity groups at Japan.

As a start, he was permitted to do cosplay along with other members of the Batang 90’s Nang Balibago at SM City Clark, Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines for 2 hours. I asked one of the members what will they do next, and she said they will continue the cosplay at Sky Trax Disco at the same day.

All costumes shown are owned by Miller Lopez. I arrived at SM Clark, 1:00 PM since I came from late shift. I believe this was their 2nd set since I saw pictures of the group with Miller Lopez wearing Black Iron Man costume.

If someone is interested with organizing an event or just to help, you can comment here or send a private message at Miller Lopez’ facebook account.


  • Thor –
  • Unknown –
  • Unknown –
  • Bat Girl –
  • Punisher – King Pdk Dongalo
  • Superman – Patrick Cunanan
  • Super Girl – Shin Mendoza
  • Wonder Woman
  • Bat Girl –
  • Iron Woman –
  • Red Iron Man – James Bordon
  • Green Lantern – Arkin Nicdao Lorenzo
  • Spiderman
  • Bane – DJ Kelly Bernales
  • Batman and Black Iron Man – Miller Lopez
  • Robin – Robin Canlas

Update History

  • 01-27-2014 – Published post
  • 01-29-2014 – Added cosplayer information

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