Event: Trick or Treat VS Cosplay at SM Clark

It was Halloween, (October 31, 2013) and we were preparing for Undas. We checked our father’s grave for final cleaning, bought flowers early to avoid traffic tomorrow, checked candles, portable seats & tables.  My sister, mom and I stopped by at SM Clark at around 8:00 PM to buy grocery for the last few items such as snacks. And here is what I saw as we were walking towards National Bookstore:

As I take their pictures, I felt so happy hearing comments from a cosplayer, thinking that I was a professional photographer even though I was holding a camera phone. They even wanted to see all of my shots and have them shared through bluetooth.

Seeing their efforts with their costumes, I asked them if there was a competition or cosplay event. They said there was none and they just felt like doing it. I informed them about the upcoming Cosplay event in SM Clark.

As we went back to SM Hypermarket, I saw other cosplayers and asked them if I could take a picture of them:

I saw a small kid on a witch costume with her mom and asked her mom if I could take a picture. Her mom angrily disagreed. Maybe she saw me as suspicious. Also, I decided to take 2 shots per model from now on. I always take whole body to show the full costume. Now, I will take another shot for the way how I like it to be in a picture.

I was able to ask some of their facebook accounts in order for me to tag them. And I was able to have a small chat with one of them (translated in English):

Me: I’m confused. Are you a girl or a boy?

Arielle: Ahahaha I’m a girl po. Ahah but thank you so much that I was able to trap you haha XD

Me: So are you twins?

Arielle: Nope din po hahah. We’re just siblings that are mistook as twins.

Me: Like!

Arielle: Hihihi grabe po I am so happy when you told me that you were confused if I am a guy or girl, haha

Me: So many factors eh.

Arielle: Like?

Me: Your costume, facebook and name.

Arielle: Ahahah, is my name boyish, kuya? hahah XD lolz

Me: That’s why I asked instead.

Arielle: Haha grabe. So, I am a trap, ahah. Thank you so much! I had confidence again to do crossplaying XD The others were able to see that I am a girl T^T XD haha

Crossplaying – Probably short term for cosplaying both male and female characters.

Me: Haha, I was thinking that the name was girlish. But it might happened to be personalized.

Arielle: Ahh, ahah… That’s what others call me too, Ariel ahah. But the pronunciation is Airyell.

Me: When I heard a bit of your voice, it’s soft and masculine which added to my confusion.

Arielle asked about the upcoming cosplay event in SM Clark

Me: Are you also with those BATMAN (Justice League) cosplayers? The night I took your pictures at the Hypermarket?

Arielle: Like!

Arielle: Nope. But we were many and we got separated at the time.

Me: So I missed more cosplayers that night? How much are you referring to? How much cosplayers that I missed?

Arielle: We were a group around 30.

Me: Too bad… How come you do not have pictures?

Arielle: They are not uploaded yet. They are too many.

Me: Hahah… Nice. It seems that you have a group?

Arielle: Um, we were a former group member of LOA but not now. The others are on a different group that we just gathered.

Me: Ahh… All from Pampanga?

Arielle: Hai.

Me: I wonder why you have a faction. It seems that your mom also commented? She seems cool.

Arielle: Faction? Anu un? Yah. Hehe, Even our Papa supports our cosplay.

Me: Nice. Are they also fond of Anime?

Arielle: Yeah, we watch them together xD

I am happy for Arielle’s family. They are supportive and have the same interests. I wonder if her parents cosplay also. If that happens in the future, I surely want to see it.

Other than learning my new style of photoshoot, I also learned that you would never know when a good moment will come. And I am fortunate that I always bring my camera phone to capture these moments.

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