Event: Loujae Cosplay Photoshoot 01-19-2014 (Part 1)

Updated: 03-21-2014

My first entry for the year 2014 is a new experience. Loujae Photography is my very first invitation, my first Behind the Scene (BTS) coverage and my first videography.

I got the invitation from Arielle Samson’s Facebook who I featured on Trick or Treat VS Cosplay at SM Clark. As I read the invitation, it seemed that I was invited to do cosplay, which is impossible for me due to my looks and physique. With a little discussion, I got permitted to post a blog about it.

Luckily, I am free on the schedule of the event. Right after my shift (9:00 PM to 6:00 AM), I went home, refreshed and went. We arrived at the Paskuhan Village, San Fernando, Pampanga at around 11:00 AM.

We were able to find Fenella, Arielle and some of the cosplayers just near the entrance, (inside). I felt awkward and shy at first to approach them. I took my courage and approached Arielle. She looked uncomfortable at first but as soon as I mentioned my display name on Facebook, she remembered and felt relieved. I understand her since we only met once.

Next, I approached Fenella (Arielle’s sister and photographer for the event). In respect for her photography and event, I offered to take videos during her shoot and take a few candid photos. I felt relieved that she said that she was looking for someone to do Behind the Scenes since her friends and classmates were busy.

Click here for Part 2

Update History:

  • 01-22-2014 – Published post
  • 03-21-2014 – Provided link on Part 2 and changed description of photos

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