Event: Loujae Cosplay Photoshoot 01-19-2014 (Part 2)

Fenella decided to roam around in Paskuhan Village to look for good spots for photo shoot along with the cosplayers.

Photos were taken by Ilyasviel using Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.0.

I felt nostalgic since I had school excursions and family outings during my elementary life there. I can still remember the 2 big mascots that smoke tobacco. They had bicycle rentals. I also remember attending the Gian Lantern Contest during Christmas Season. The last exhibit that I remembered here were flowers gathered from different places. They even built an air conditioned dome to maintain the flowers. Before, DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) was station here where I applied for my passport.

The First Roam

After the first roam, they decided to have lunch at around 2:00 PM . They brought pack lunches as planned but we looked for a sari-sari store nearby and outside Paskuhan Village. I did not see any store open inside Paskuhan Village.

After the lunch break, we roamed again in the vicinity

The Road Walk

The Park

The Glass Window

Here is the full length of 1 of the cosplayer’s photoshoot. My motive about this video are:

  • Did not cut scenes to provide full detail.
  • Did not add background music to avoid copyright issues.
  • Made fade in and fade out transitions to shift to another clip.

More pictures and videos to follow…

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