Event: Duterte-Cayetano Pampanga Grand Rally

“Handa na ang inyong Mayor para sa tunay na pagbabago, tayo po bang lahat ay handa na sa tunay na pagbabago?” (Your Mayor ‘Duterte’ is now ready for the true change, are we all prepared for it?) – Vice Presidential candidate “Alan Peter Cayetano”

As the Election Day is nearing, candidates for the highest and second highest position in our country are swamped with their hectic campaign schedule. One of the most highly anticipated and controversial tandem (Mayor Duterte and Senator Cayetano) made their way to Pampanga. The event entitled ‘Duterte-Cayetano Pampanga Grand Rally hold its place on Plaza Miranda, Angeles City, Pampanga last 19 March 2016 with the theme:

Matapang na solusyon, mabilis na aksyon!

Sumama sa tunay na pagbabago

I have this rare opportunity to be invited by Sir Francis ‘Iceman’ Revil of Pampanga Photography Enthusiast (PPE) on this event. The event started at 5 PM; however, as early as 2 PM, many people are very eager to participate. Below are the snippets of what I have personally encountered:

General Santiago made a speech about poverty, drugs, and criminality in the country.

Moymoy Palaboy arrive roughly at 6 PM followed by Jimmy Bondoc and Paolo Santos. I am amazed how down-to-earth those people are knowing their own accomplishments in life. They accommodated people taking selfies and groupies with them. I also indulged myself with this once-in-a-blue moon chance.

Mocha Uson and the Mocha Girls who expresses their support for Duterte’s candidacy arrive on the place as well:

Mocha girls even performed their very own Duterte jingle. Sadly, I only got a partial video of their number.

Caught Jimmy Bondoc as he states his support to Duterte as well:

Personally, news about the campaign and election is sought after by other correspondents abroad as I met Simon Roughneen of Nikkei Asian Review.

The event will not be completed without Mayor Duterte’s address:

As a Filipino, I understand why some of us do not like a foul-mouth (man) like Duterte. After all, we have been colonized by the Spaniards and the values they preached remains. By the way, I don’t think it is a bad thing. In fact, most of us, if not all, share and live those values. Still, I stand up to him no matter what. There are people out there who are far more than foul in what they do. Gone are the days where we choose our President simply because their manners are of ‘etiquette’. Nor we choose because of their past lives. Today, we choose because of action. I believe, it is what we need. As per my colleague used to say, “He (Duterte) get things done”. And it is what I truly think and hold on to the future where our people are united in every aspect in life.

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