Event: Super High Speed Pampanga Fun Race Day 9-6-2015

With the request of the locals, people from Manila came to have a friendly race and support open 3WD / 4WD Motor races here in Mountain View, Balibago, Angeles City, hosted by L-Jhay Manalastas.

Race track consists of 106 panels (with changelane)

3-lap race category are as follows:

  • All Tamiya Soft Speed
  • Mini 3WD Open Motor High Speed
  • Mini 4WD Open Motor High Speed

I also participated on All Tamiya Soft Speed category. My best time was 17+ seconds, 2 seconds late from the Zhen’s best time of 15.8 seconds.

The race was later divided between Vengie’s and Zhen’s group (both from Manila). Zhen’s group was leading at first until Vengie on his last try (while everyone almost packed their things) beat Zhen’s best time. The odds were now in favor with Vengie’s team. Zhen’s group unpacked and tried to catch up. Here is a video of one of the Time Attack races:

Though Team Pampanga did not win, L-jhay told us that there is a big improvement from our local racers. If Team Pampanga previously have a 1 lap gap from Manila Racers, now they have 1-2 sec. gap.

We tried to ask L-Jhay to have his photo taken with the winners but he is too shy 🙂

Event ended around 12:00 AM.


  • Best Time All Tamiya Champion – Zhen
  • Best Time 3WD Champion – Vengie Terrencio
  • Best Time 4WD Champion – King
  • Best Time 3WD 1st Runner Up – Khong
  • Best Time 4WD 1st Runner Up – Vengie Terrencio
  • Best Time 3WD 2nd Runner Up – Zhen
  • Best Time 4WD 2nd Runner Up – Khong

L-Jhay mentions that he will be hosting a big race late this year to be posted on Tamiya Pampanga -Super High Speed- Facebook groups

Other photos are posted on our Facebook Page.

Amor David also posted his photos on Tamiya Pampanga -Super High Speed- albums.

Update History:

  • 09-07-2015 – Published post.
  • 09-08-2015 – Updated winners’ list. Corrected spelling of one of the racer’s names. Added additional information.


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