Event: FHM Bro Con 2015

FHM Philippines launched its 100 Sexiest Party with a twist this year. Other than inviting VIP’s, they held a convention wherein everybody can attend with a new venue, SMX Convention Party at 07-11-2015. This is the only event that we anticipated outside Pampanga this 2015. We are glad to share to you what we have witnessed.

We arrived at the venue at around 2:00 PM so we missed the segment of One Night Stan.

Booths from sponsors such as RRJ, Tanduay, Petron and Rogin-E were competing to get people’s attention and vote.
If you are fond of meet and greets and autograph signing, FHM Bro Con have lots of them althrougout the event. . A long line of people to Maria Ozawa, Valeen Montenegro, Myrtle Sarrosa and even with Jennylyn Mercado, all in one place.

Here are the videos of the sponsor’s presentation on stage:

Alice Dixson showed up on stage:

Arny Ross, Myrtle Sarrosa and Valeen Montenegro were also guests:

And finally, Jennylyn Mercado came up on stage and did some autograph signing:

The event ended at 6:00 PM and we are asked to leave the venue. As everyone were wondering with the closing time of the event, the evening event was intended for VIP passes for the FHM 100 Sexiest Victory Party.

More photos are uploaded on our Facebook page.

To be updated and continued…

Update History:

  • 09-01-2015 – Published post.
  • 09-04-2015 – Embedded videos of Alice Dixson, Bangs Garcia, Myrtle Sarrosa, Valeen Montenegro and Jennylyn Mercado
  • 09-07-2015 – Corrected Bangs Garcia to Arny Ross
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