Event: E-Sports Tour

Updated: 07-13-2015

We focused on the cosplayers in E-Sports Tour at SM City Clark, Angeles City, Pampanga. If you are looking for the game highlights, check Mineski as the official event ogranizer. I also tried new ways of editing such as blur, dim and sharp effect.

As soon as we arrived at the event, I tried to get a short video of the cosplay:

I saw Joy Austria and asked to take her photo. The background was to narrow for her bow and arrow so I tried to use flash to dim the background. I tried to look for near places to try with no luck. We thought of the fountain at the Meeting Place but both of us are unsure if we were allowed.

I took my chances with Keilee and tried taking pictures near the fountain. I used blur effect to distort the crowd at the background:

And so, United Cosplayers of Pampanga along with AC Photography came. I hurriedly took photos to take advantage of the sunset:

But we later discovered that the lights from the fountain are beautiful at night. But you have to make use of lights / flash to brighten your subject. Thanks for the light assistance, Arnold and Team. (More photos  to be uploaded)

Jomel Zamora almost shed tears of joy when we show his raw photos of Jarvan IV.

Please comment and let us know if you like the methods of editing I tried and if it were excessive.

More photos of the cosplayers are uploaded on our Facebook page

Photos of Arnold are uploaded on AC Photography page.

To be updated…

Update History:

  • 06-30-2015 – Published post.
  • 07-01-2015 – Provided further details of the shots with links to FB pages. Uploaded photos of Big-J Marlou, Mel Rose and Jomel Zamora.
  • 07-13-2015 – Embedded a video of cosplay ramp. Provided link post of AC photography regarding E-Sports.

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