Event: Sabat Santacruzan 2015

Funny as it seems, I just knew that May is the National Heritage Month of the Philippines as I read some posts of Sabat Santacruzan 2015 in Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines.

I was hoping that our new affiliates will come to cover also the event. However, rain poured on some of parts of Pampanga beforehand and our affiliates thought the event was cancelled. Ashley and I arrived at the Holy Rosary Parish at around 4:30 PM, 05-22-2015. I proceed to take photos:

I got uncomfortable as the event organizers and official photographers were a bit strict compared to Sabat Santacruzan 2014. I had 2-3 instances but I guess I was at the wrong time and spot.

The event organizers started calling all of the participants and started with offering of flowers.

The participants prayed the rosary and started the Mass.

More photos to be uploaded.

After the Mass is the procession

More photos to be uploaded.

I walked along with the participants on the procession. As we arrive back at the Holy Rosary Parish, introduction of the participants at the front line has already started. I bought a drink and took a break and the skit has already started. I took some parts of the skit from what I could still cover.

I kept showing Skit 02 instead of 01 since I was at a wrong angle at 01.

And the finale, the Victory Dance of Sinukwan Kapampangan Performing Arts.

The host mentioned that it was the group’s 2nd perforrnance on this event. I believe they already performed during the procession.

After the closing remarks, the host also mentioned there is free food at the Museo Ning Angeles. (Photos to be uploaded)

Took also some photos after the event.

Participants (Please comment to let me know if I missed someone)

  • Reina Banderada – Joana Marie Yu Reyes from San Jose Chapel
  • Reina Fe – Claudine C. Calara from San Pablo Chapel
  • Reina Esperanza – Patricia Mae Austria from San Vicente Ferrer Chapel
  • Reina Caridad – Bianca Lapira from Sto. Cristo Chapel
  • Reina Abogada – Cheeline Mande from San Nicolas Chapel
  • Reina Sentenciada – Jhulian Trisha Marimla from Sto. Rosario Chapel
  • Reina Judith – Franchescka Tolentino from Sto. Rosario Chapel
  • Reina Sheba – Zekainah Galvez from El Shaddai Charismatic Community
  • Samaritana – Leila Tungul from Lifegiver Charismatic Community
  • Veronica – Bea Sanchez from Apung Macalulu Shrine
  • Maria Magdalena – Mary Joy Cleto from Children of Mary Immaculate
  • Maria Indu nang Cristo – Lirna Tiatco from Daughers of Mary Immaculate
  • Divina Pastora – Christene Joyce De Leon from Parish Migrants Desk
  • Reina de las Estrellas – Rochelle Canlas from Servants from the Lord Choir
  • Reina Justicia – Justine Santiago from San Roque Chapel Pastoral Council
  • Rosa Mystica – Emily Luces from LecCom
  • Reina de las Profetas – Karla Kristina Sunga from Immaculate Heart Charismatic Community
  • Reina Paz – Vella V. Villar from Crusaders of the Holy Face
  • Reina de las Virgines – Ghieslein Manalo from Parish Media Group
  • Obispo Macario – Bernardo Nabong from Divine Majesty Male Choir
  • Reina de Las Flores – Jasmille A. Dizon from Sto. Rosario Brgy. Council and Pampanga’s Ellite Mannequins
  • Floripis – Halla Riva P. Ebrahim Maki from Pamosang Kapampangan
  • Goido de Bergonia – Jaymark Chipe from Pamosang Kapampangan
  • Tala Bye Parto – Joshua Valencia from Pamosang Kapampangan
  • Reina Elena Constantino – Priscilla Puno & Jayden Agustin

You can check our Facebook album for more photos.

To be updated…

Update History:

  • 05-25-2015 – Published post.
  • 05-28-2015 – Added photos and link to Facecbook album.

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