Event: A Photoshoot for a Cause

Such a young group, United Cosplayers of Pampanga and AC Photography conducted this private event to do charity for Bale Anghel Foundation for the street children, 05-02-2015.

Some of the cosplayers along with Arnold Cabilangan were surprised that I visited their event. Sarielle, Ashley and I arrived at the venue, Bicentennial Park, Clark, Pampanga around 11:00 AM as I also got an invite on their activity . It seems that we were right on time as the other cosplayers were just preparing.

More with Arnold: he was a previous cosplayer and seems to focus more on photography. I was able to take his photo as a cosplayer at Hobbifest 2014 and Cosplay Mania 2014 Clark Clash. I am astonished that he seems to be more successful as he conducts his own photoshoots with a lot of connections. He told me that he started photo shooting less than a year.

After a series of shoots with Sarielle, I was very eager to shoot a Levi cosplay, using his 3D maneuver.

He got tired as we took jump shots about 10-20 times as he admits that the costume is heavy. (Sorry po)

Arnold got a handful as the number of cosplayers were more than he expected. They were more than 20, I believe. And he asked me to shoot some.

Surprised, at late afternoon. Models also arrived to have photos taken.

Ira Mantua was Sarielle and Shin’s colleague. She also participated on Miller Lopez’ Batang 90’s Nang Balibago – Cosplay for a Cause.

I feel guilty that I was not able to take photos of all of the cosplayers. However, I have limited time as much as I wanted to stay (Work shift).

With a little talk with Arnold, AC Photography and DMKAEL Experience / Project became affiliates.

More photos of the event are uploaded on our Facebook page.

Photos of AC Photography (Album 1)


Photos of AC Photography (Album 2)


Update History:

  • 05-16-2015 – Published post.
  • 01-04-2016 – Added 3 additional photos.
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