Event: UP Mania Trail: Cosplay. Run. Survive.

We are glad to attend and to witness the UP Mania Trail: Cosplay. Run. Survive. Each of the activity had new concepts. And we are proud to share what you have missed.

Disclaimer: This post is currently in draft stage as we correct, update, and upload. Any comments and suggestions we share are based from our experience as we intend to help and support the event.

We had challenges finding the venue as it was not visible from the main road. As we went there before the gun start, 5:30 AM. We expected that it would be easy as many  attendees should be arriving or a lot of vehicles will be parked around the area. The sun has not risen at that time as we were unable to find any banners from the Claro M. Recto Highway. As we took the directions literally from their event page, you need to pass on a very small alley just beside Puregold. Parking was inside the campus which is why we did not see any vehicles outside.

UP Mania Trail

Even if you are not an Otaku (Anime fan) but fond of fun runs, UP Mania made fun run thrilling as described by the winner of the event. The objective is to survive and finish the marathon having at least 1 ribbon (your lifeline). Marshals dressed as Titans of Shingeki no Kyojin will chase after the runners on designated checkpoints to take away ribbons attached on the runners’ backs.

I actually forced Ashley (Ilya) to join as she used to jog before and as it will be her first time to join a run and she enjoyed it in the end.

The marshals and staff were very accommodating and approachable.

Though we titled the video as Gun Start, we did not hear a gun shot as a signal. I cannot find any other term for the video 🙂 Fun run started around 6:15 AM.

Yes, I did not join the run so I waited outside the venue for the runners to go back. I am very curious how the marshals chase after the runners. If you have a Youtube video of the Titans chasing after the runners, please let us know and we would gladly share the link on this post.

About 1-2 runners got injured as they run away from the Titans. CDC police together with the marshals were very attentive to take care and called for ambulance.

The first 25 survivors got Globe package, tickets for the Vibe City event at SM Clark, Gatorade, Pepsi (Please let me know if I missed any prize) that worth more than 1000 PHP total. The first survivor finished the run at around 6:50 AM.

I was not able to take photos of the marshals in their full Titan costume. But here’s how they looked like without the leotards:

Most of the attendees left right after the awarding. Probably, they needed to change clothes as they sweat from the run. Even we, also left to change and went back before lunch as the main activities will start after lunch. I wonder if it is possible to schedule the run at the late afternoon as it serves as the main event. I just remember Tora Dora’s Shool Festival scene as the main event was held last. However, fun run’s are usually conducted at the early morning. Also, road permits might be an issue. The challenge is, participants of the run need to go home and change clothes or even take a bath right after so they would not be able to cover the whole event.

Okaeri Fest

Though we did not witness the climax of the activity, Kimonos / Yukata were on display and you can wear / borrow them for free. Ashley had her first impromptu photo shoot from a third party (Christian Mack) as she wore the Yukata. (Umm, what’s the name of the sponsor of the Yukata?)

Go Ashley! Your road to cosplay 🙂

Cosplay Competition

I also took photos on some of the cosplayers. The event was hosted by David D’ Angelo.

We did not have photos or videos of the actual competition as I felt drowsy since I came to the event right after night shift as much as I want to cover the event to the very end. Sorry guys.

The host announced that there would be a burger eating contest from Francis D’.

We took photos of some of the booths:

We also saw some cosplayers from the previously featured events:

I salute the hosts of the event as they keep the crowd lively for the whole event.

We are looking forward on its second event. 10K to 21K run perhaps for the pros? 😀

You can also visit Christian Mack’s web site for more information and photos.

We also uploaded some of the photos on our Facebook page for tagging.

To be updated…

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Update History:

  • 04-22-2015 – Published post.
  • 04-23-2015 – Updated disclaimer. Corrected grammar. Reconstructed some paragraphs to give clarity. Added more information and comment. Referred Christian Mack’s web site for more info. Referred also Facebook album for tagging. Added new photos.

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