Event: #Cosplayriot Konnichiwa 2015

Updated: 01-14-2015

For the first entry of 2015 , I attended a cosplay event in SM Tarlac, 01-04-2015, #Cosplayriot Konnichiwa 2015 to meet cosplayers of Tarlac. I reached the venue at around 4:30 PM. I was surprised that the event was held outdoor. It was a challenge for me to take photos since I was alone.

Additional photos of the cosplayers will be uploaded on our Facebook page. Hazel Hilario looks great with and without her Maleficent costume. I was also aiming to get photos of the Sasuke, Vocaloid chibi cosplayers and the Tarlaquenos Asian Dancers but I did not have the chance due to the limited time.

The event started at 5:00 PM with the introduction of the cosplayers and started with the skits.

The Tarlaquenos Asian Dancers performed with their intermission numbers. Here are some of their videos:

I was able to take the videos of their first set.

The hosts also conducted simple games for the audience and gave prizes from Comic Alley such as posters.

One of the hosts looked familiar and found out he was a previous participant of Cosplay Fest 2014 along with Karen Rivera. War Machine cosplayer also attended the Toyfest Pampanga 2014. A cosplayer from Valkyrie Profile also joined Cosplay Invasion.

Event ended at 7:00 PM.

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Update History:

  • 01-13-2015 – Published post.
  • 01-14-2015 – Updated some information along with the photos.
  • 01-15-2015 – Added link to the Facebook album.
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About Cim~

Cim~ has been active to take photos of his friends since College. Years had passed and recently, he just uploaded numerous throwback pictures to all of his friends. Other than that, he is fond of checking new hangouts or restaurants. Friends around usually ask him suggestions where to go or what food is suggested. Advised by his friends, he is now inspired to do a photo blog of places, events and food he experienced.

7 thoughts on “Event: #Cosplayriot Konnichiwa 2015

  1. Maganda sana yung event kaso nkakaloko lang yung biglang change of mechanics. I’m aware of the event page they created on facebook saying “otaCu tarlac members are not allowed to join the competition”. Nakita ko rin s mga registration form yung mga katagang iyon.
    tapos nung tumagal, what did I saw some familiar face of otacu tarlac na sumali? :
    -optimus prime from otacu tarlac
    -maleficent from otacu tarlac
    and maybe more.

    I thought they made some skit para dumami yung sumali.

    Napansin ko din na dalawang sasuke uchiha ng naruto shippuden yung sumali sa male category so i thought this will be good. fight for the best kit.

    may nag Iron man war machine din pala. at astig talaga, hindi lang sya nagkalakad eh, acting talaga sa skit. kalaban nya lang sa mecha category ay yung optimus prime. nung narinig ko yung pangalan dun ko lang nalaman na member din yon ng otacu,

    tapos announcement of winners, nanalo sa female yung girl na naka armor which is astig din talaga kaya deserve. sa chibi nagiisa lang naman sya kaya winner by default. yung sa male category, ito yung nkakagulat, tinawag si WAR MACHINE!
    take note MALE CATEGORY lang yung tinwag so bakit hndi yung nag sasuke kahit sino dun. Biglang nilipat si war machine sa male category? SO IT MEANS wala na kalaban si OPTIMUS PRIME. so ayon sya ang winner sa male category.
    tapos may minor award na parang sponsors’ choice ata?
    si maleficent nanalo. eh ang daming cosplayer din na astig yung skit. at member din ng otacu yon e kasi nakikita ko sa mga previous cosplay nila pag nasa mall ako.

    kinabukasan, I checked the event page of this event and guess what i found?
    they modified the mechanics in the part of “no Otacu tarlac” into “No organizers are allowed to join the competition”

    its really wow…

    nakakaloko. I will tell my manila friends and other cosers not to join this lame of event


      • There will be 4 categories for the Cosplay Competition:
      ▷ Best Mecha/Armor Type – all cosplayers who are cosplaying a Mecha or those whose costume are 60% composed of armor.
      ▷ Best Female – all female cosplayers whom characters are based on anime series, movies or games, except for those who are under Mecha and Chibi category.
      ▷ Best Male – all male cosplayers whom characters are based on anime series, movies or games, except for those who are under Mecha and Chibi category.
      ▷ Best Chibi – all cosplayers 12 years old and below.
      • There will be a pre-registration of participants.
      • There will be a registration fee worth P50.00
      • Each cosplayer will be given a maximum time of 3 minutes to perform.
      • Competitors may use human props for their performance without limit.
      • Dangerous stunts, and harmful props will not be allowed.
      • In case of destruction or damage due to cosplayer’s act, the cosplayer will be the responsible for the said damage.
      • No member of the organizers will be allowed to participate in the cosplay competition.
      • Judges’ decisions are final.

      Sana clear sayo? pairalin ang comprehension 🙂

    • i prefer to join din sana pero hindi po naka saad dun un na bawal ang otacu members. at hindi po ugali ng tarlac ang ganyan OPO maaaring hindi kami kilala PERO matitino kaming cosplayers kuya lets pretend nag kamali otacu. sa tingin mo ikaw hindi ka mag KAKAMALI sa gagawin mong ISSUE? hindi bat mas makasalanan kang tingnan? think of it kuya wag puro kuda uso mag isip kung hindi pinapagana ang isip IBENTA MUNA YAN!

  2. Hi sir. Concern lang po sa comment niyo na review ko po sa event page na tungkol dun sa OTACU MEMBERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO JOIN THE COMPETITION. Bobo ka ba sir? Ang naka dun. Organizers are not allowed to join the competition. Clear? Then now what kung si War Machine sa Male si Prime sa Mecha and Maleficent sa Ms. Vicky’s Gym that was judges decision. At nakalagay sa event page rules yun. Clear?

  3. It was clearly stated in the registration form the sentence “No members of the organizers will be allowed to participate in the cosplay competition” as well as in the event page, that was never changed since the event. Don’t alter the information about that. Regarding the title won by war machine, it was judges’ decision, although the categories are separated, still judges’s decision was final! They’re the ones who decided leaving a quote “mas deserve nya manalo”. We know who’s behind this comment and ofcourse you know who we are, don’t create a scene just because you didn’t won. It was lame to act like this. If you didn’t won your desired title, don’t look for anything to blame. Please act professionally.

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