Event: SM City Clark’s 3rd Pyrofest Competition 10-11-2014

Updated: 10-23-2014

After taking a look on RC Drift Challenge and Fun Race at SM City Clark, Ilya and I (with Sarielle and Fhalestinn) quickly ate dinner to attend the Day 1 (10-11-2014) of SM City Clark’s 3rd Pyrofest Competition. The event features fireworks competition where participants comes from different part of the Philippines and with exhibitions of foreign countries.

We went to SM Clark at around 5:00 PM anticipating the long traffic and hard parking like what happened to us on Day 2 of SM City Clark’s 2nd Pyrofest Competition 11-30-2013. So far, we were able to park inside SM Clark with no traffic.

While having dinner at around 7:00PM inside the mall, I tried to discern if the competition has begun. 30 minutes have passed, and I still did not hear any fireworks from where we were eating. Worried, Ilya and I went to the event area at around 8:00 PM. As we walked, the first display of fireworks has started and missed the first participating team.

Drizzle follows after the first entry’s fireworks display which delayed the competition. LCD Projectors were shutdown and all throughout the event. Ilya and I took shelter in the only tent on the Bronze ticket area.

Speaking of ticket areas, we were about 10-20 persons in the tent. People who were #teamlabas (watching the fireworks outside for free) seem to be more comfortable during the rain since they took shelter on the mall’s sidewalk.

Luckily, due to the drizzle, the management allowed us (bronze ticket passers) to enter the Silver ticket area as the 2nd entry’s (Palawan) exhibition is about to start:

Freestyle band performed on the stage. Here are some of their covers:

The 1st video on Freestyle’s playlist was taken from the barricades dividing Gold and Silver ticket area. Later on, management also open the gates for Gold ticket area where the latter videos of Freestyle were taken.

Next was the 3rd entry, (Laguna):

And followed by the Grand Finale, Canada:

The event ended with Southborder’s performances:

More videos of Southborder to be uploaded. Accidentally took them as 1080P which took the upload time longer.

Here are our thoughts about the event:

  • We highly recommend purchasing Gold ticket for free seats and to have good view on stage and concert band.
  • Food kiosks are available on Silver and Gold ticket area.

Photos taken by Ilya (more photos to be uploaded)

Next — Day 2

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Update History:

  • 10-17-2014 – Published post
  • 10-20-2014 – Edited by Ilya Ling
  • 10-23-2014 – Corrected broken links and added more information and videos
  • 10-24-2014 – Provided link for Support Us
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