Event: Cosplay Mania ’14 Evolution (Day 2)

Right after our get together with my relatives, Ilya and I attended the Cosplay Mania ’14 Evolution (Day 2) 10-05-2014 with my commitment to meet Ara Montano (who asked me if I will attend). It was already 4:30 PM and we just reached the Dau Bus Terminal. With a little wait in terminal, we reached the SMX Convention by 7:00 PM. There was a heavy traffic only at Espana, probably because of the Mass.

We decided not to buy a ticket since it was already late which is why we were #teamlabas. Our goal is to meet Ara for the commitment to attend the event. We searched a little at the first floor and saw a few cosplayers. As we checked on the 2nd floor, the area was still crowded with cosplayers. We took photos of them as we passed by. Finally, along the hallway, we found Ara.

After a little hello and introduction, we proceeded to take photos:

I told her that she looked shy or depressed on the photo. And she answered that she was portraying the character. As I recall her post on Facebook, the character looked depressed — My mistake. Afterwards, I requested for a smile and some cuteness.

As we roamed around to take photos, I met some cosplayers who I know / who knows us:

Apparently, I was not able to take a photo of Deanne (again). I was taking a photo of a cosplayer when she approached me. Right after, I tried to look for her and she was gone. Hopefully, we can catch up on the next event 🙂

I am just done uploading 1 photo of each cosplayer:

I only uploaded here photos of cosplayers who we were able to ask for their name and facebook account. Other photos are and will be uploaded on our Facebook page.

If you like our posts, may we ask for your support by doing any of the provided on this link.

Update History

  • 10-07-2014 – Published post and edited by Ilya Ling
  • 10-27-2014 – Provided link for Support Us
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About Cim~

Cim~ has been active to take photos of his friends since College. Years had passed and recently, he just uploaded numerous throwback pictures to all of his friends. Other than that, he is fond of checking new hangouts or restaurants. Friends around usually ask him suggestions where to go or what food is suggested. Advised by his friends, he is now inspired to do a photo blog of places, events and food he experienced.

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