Event: FHM Philippines Victory Party 2014 (Part 2)

Updated: 07-19-2014

An Unexpected Buddy

As I was taking photos on the Tanduay booth, a guy approached me and said that he was alone, did not bring a camera and asked if he can tag along, wishing the night would be memorable for him. He introduced himself as RJ Lasam. Being alone myself at the event, I told him that I can take his pictures whenever and wherever he wanted during the event. He looked so happy and asked for my contact number and tried to offer me a drink. I took some photos of him which are already uploaded on our Facebook page as promised.

Rodolfo Sabayton Jr. is also known as Pangga in Tales from the Friend Zone Zero and Doctor Lyndon Abesames in Tales from the Friend Zone X.

While he was buying me a drink, the ramping of some of the 100 sexiest and Marian Rivera started. I had to leave RJ to take photos of the show (Sorry dude for leaving, ’til next time na lang).

The Final Ramp

I tried to get near as I can for the regular passes area but the place was already crowded since I came. If you are from the left side of the stage, you can’t walk or go to the other side because of the crowd. They are all at front center, taking photos, the media men area is also at the front center. I took shots using the Live View of the DSLR but most of the shots are blurred, against the spot light and had delays because Auto Focus is enabled:

Like last year’s event, Ruffa Mae Quinto and Jahziel Manabat were grabbing the crowd’s attention.

I met some media men and saw some sites that are worth visiting for photos of the event:

And here comes the finale, Marian Rivera’s catwalk. Seeing the situation of unable taking good shots, I switched the DSLR with my usual camera phone to take a video of her walk in full. Kindly watch the video in 720p:

I also took a video of the 100 sexiest women. I focused more on the women who passed near us so that it will be sharp. Unfortunately, the video is shaky because people were passing through me and I get bumped:

This ends the event with performances of DJ’s and famous bands.

I stayed at the venue to check the other booths and to waited until all of the models left the venue.

To be continued — The Epilogue and Lessons Learned

Update History

  • 07-14-2014 – Published post
  • 07-19-2014 – Added link for Dominick Galauran
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