Event: FHM Philippines Victory Party 2014 (Part 1)

Updated: 07-19-2014

Setting Aside the Main Event

FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World — One of the most anticipated model show in the Philippines. Diomar David, Francis Timbol and I attended the 2013 event last year, I decided to attend and share again the experience. However, this year was a challenge for me. I went alone and put my DSLR knowledge to the test.

I arrived at the World Trade Center at 9:00 PM. I was hoping that my friends can still catch up to the event. It was late but not for the main event.

The layout of the stage had modifications from last year. The stage was facing directly to the entrance doors of the World Trade Center. Now, it was facing to the right. Instead of a horizontal isle for the guests with regular pass, it was now a triangle shaped isle. Front of the triangular isle was a stage for media men. And the area for the regular passes was between the triangular isle and media men, which was very narrow. If you stayed at the right side of stage, you will have challenges to go to the other side due to the crowd, taking photos and watching the show.

Seeing the situation of possible not having a nice position to take photos on the stage, I checked on the booths take pictures while the show was going on:

Buqo Booth

The booth gave away 1 free e-magazine as you enlist your name with your e-mail address.

The first time I met Honey Grace was on Automax Babes Coronation Night. She was also accommodating at the previous event. I was trying to recall her last name, “Patma, right?” and then she answered “Salvador”. I kept on thinking why she corrected or changed her last name. And when I checked her Facebook account, her display name is “Honey Grace Salvador (Miss Patama)”

Tanduay Booth

The booth was selling drinks for P20.00. and if you buy 3, you will have a pass at their VIP booth.

To Be Continued — An Unexpected Buddy

Update History:

  • 07-11-2014 – Published post
  • 07-19-2014 – Added hyperlink for Part 2
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