Event: Sabat Santacruzan 2014

“Gambulan tamu ing mitabunan na kultura”, is interpreted as let us relive the buried culture. It is the most striking message I heard on Mayor Ed Pamintuan’s speech on Sabat Santacruzan,05-29-2014 in front of Museum of Angeles, Pampanga, Philippines.

My mom was aware and told me about the event because their religious group will be participating. Multiple religious groups were assigned to participate on the event with the help of our local mayor, Ed Pamintuan.

The participants were told to have Mass before they start the event as my mom said. So I went to Holy Rosary Church by 5:00 PM and I saw the participants at the front rows of the altar:

I was a bit hesitant to take photos during the Mass since I saw the other photographers stopped. I am torn since if this was a wedding, photographers will keep on taking taking coverage.

Right after the Mass, the participants were asked to go in front of the altar and exit one by one. I was able to take some and the moment was so fast. I have uploaded more photos on our Facebook album (still uploading more photos). If you happen to know the persons, we appreciate if you tag the people on the photos.

I went outside the church and saw the participants in line with their arcs  and banners. I followed them in their procession to take their photos:

The participants are as follows:

  • Reina Baderada – Joana Camille Samia from San Jose Chapel Pastoral Council
  • Reina Fe – Louise Nika Gaviola from San Pablo Chapel Pastoral Council
  • Reina Esperanza – Pamela Sabile from San Vicente Ferrer Chapel Pastoral Council
  • Reina Caridad – Miriam Patricia Faith S. Agustin from Sto. Cristo Chapel Pastoral Council
  • Reina Abogada – Camille Mandi from San Nicolas Chapel Pastoral Council
  • Reina Sentenciada – Jhulian Trisha Marimla from San Rosario Chapel Pastoral Council & Barangay Council
  • Reina Esther – Angelica Agustin from Apung Mamacalulu Shrine
  • Samaritan – Leila Tungul from Lifegiver Community
  • Veronica – Christene Joyce C. De Leon from Parish Migrants Desk
  • Maria Magdalena – Arianne Calaguas from Children of Mary Immaculate (CMI)
  • Maria Indu nang Santiago – Milain M. Tuazon from Kagawad Gina Nulud
  • Maria Indu nang Cristo – Vangie Tipace from Daughers of Mary Immaculate (DMI)
  • Divina Pastora – Clariz Feliciano from Sto. Rosario Chapel Pastoral Council / Kagawad Boyet Pangilinan
  • Reina de las Estrellas – Mikaela Velasco from Servants from the Lord Choir (SLC)
  • Reina Justicia – Justine Santiago from San Roque Chapel Pastoral Council
  • Rosa Mystica – Jhen Maica Valencia from Pampanga Elite Mannequins
  • Reina de las Profetas – Maria Dulce Fidellaga from Lectors – Commentators Ministry
  • Reina Paz – Grace Garcia from Holy Face
  • Reina del Cielo – Maria Theresa Nicolas from Sto. Rosario Chapel Pastoral Council / Kagawad Boyet Pangilinan
  • Reina de las Virgines – Ira Bayani from Parish Media Group
  • Obispo Macario – Bernie Miranda from Divine Majesty Male Choir
  • Reina de Las Flores – Anika Johnson from Westfields International School
  • Floripis – Halla Riva P. Ebrahim Maki from Pamosang Kapampangan
  • Goido de Bergonia – Jaymark Chipe from Pamosang Kapampangan
  • Tala Bye Parto – Joshua Valencia from Pamosang Kapampangan
  • Reina Elena – Vicky Vega

After a few steps of the procession, a skit was performed on a stage set near the Museo ning Angeles (Museum of Angeles):

I witnessed the skit for about 5 to 10 minutes. I did not know that will be the last part and I was not able to take the video since I am still focusing taking photos of the participants.

The procession was from Holy Rosary Parish Church, going to Sto. Entierro St. Then they pass through the Miranda Street. And they circled back to Sto. Rosario St. from San Nicolas market. I was at the end part of the procession and a host was already introducing the participants on stage:

After the introduction, Mayor Ed Pamintuan delivered his speech:

And for the finale, Sinukwan Kapampangan Performing Arts’ perfomance, The Victory of Finding the True Cross.

Cups of cold water were being provided to people for free throughout the event. The host said that it was provided by one of the event sponsors. A number of seats were also provided to viewers. The event ended around 8:30 PM.

I had a lot of blurry photos because it was dark and the participants were marching. By the end of the event, I learned about adjusting the shutter speed could lessen or eliminate the blur.

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