Event: Cosplay Fest 2014

Updated: 06-04-2014

Hobbiworx Tagcom had set again another cosplay event, Cosplay Fest 2014 in Robinson’s Balibago, Angeles City, Pampanga on 05-24-2014. Some people call the event as the Part 2 of Hobbifest 2014.

Asher, Ling and I arrived at the mall at around 12:30 PM and ate lunch right away. Bryan arrived before the activities started. Here is the overview of the venue:

All of the stalls were merchandizes:


Asher seems to be excited with the DSLR and he used it at first. While at it, I used my same old camera phone:

05-24-2014 Cosplay Fest 2014 (Mobile Phone Mode)

For the first part of the program, Alyssia Florano delivered her speech about cosplay tips on photography and make up at around 2:00 PM:

Cosplayers were asked to go in front of the stage as she delivers her speech:

I saw and met our previously featured cosplayers:

And cosplayers that I newly met on Hobbifest 2014:

  • Alec Ventus-Vanitas
  • Angeli Nagi Ayasaki
  • Anika Jane Simbulan
  • Anne Songco
  • Chin Chin
  • Jamica Canlas
  • Jean Pangilinan Sonza
  • Joco Guiang
  • John Carlo Agustin
  • Jomel Zamora
  • Lyka Casinillo Nacpil
  • Mae Baleno
  • Rocky Pat Pat Zamora
  • Shin Akamatsu

After Alyssia’s speech, the host started with the Karaoke Contest:

The fourth entry of the kareoke contest was recently requested to be removed by the cosplayer on video

Triggerman (one of the hosts) set an auction on some items, ranging from P20 to P350:

After the auction were the Cosplay Skits:

Some of the cosplay skits were interrupted by a power failure in the mall.

Before I took videos, I was able to practice using the DSLR camera and took photos of cosplayers. Ling took some photos using the camera while I was taking videos on the activities:

05-24-2014 Cosplay Fest 2014 (DSLR Mode)

This was our first time using a DSLR camera and added a watermark on the photos. I felt overwhelmed that people were asking me to take their photo and shy because it was our first time using a DSLR though they look at me as a professional.

And here is Bryan’s photos:

Cosplay Fest 2014 05-24-14

The event ended before 8:00 PM with some final words from the host. He said that the cosplay community in Pampanga is growing as the number of cosplayers participating in the event seems to rise and their purpose of organizing such events is to encourage people to cosplay. There were more than 40 participants this year:

We made fund with the Iron Man statue. We also took a photo of him taking a selfie:

Did it look obvious that they were forced to have their photo taken? :p

Still not getting over with using the camera, I took some photos while Bryan and Asher were playing at the mall’s arcade center:

On this event, I learned how to focus on a subject using DSLR camera with its basic lens (18-55mm). Holding a DSLR camera really does make an impression to people in terms of photography. I really felt that I on a whole new level. Thank you to the people who participated on this event for entrusting me of taking your photo, to our new acquaintances and possibly new friends. We will do our best to improve. We hope you like our shots. And we hope will meet them again on the future events.

PS: If you know the people on the Facebook photos, we highly appreciate if you tag them


  • Asher Viray
  • Bryan Cruz
  • Ling Sayson

Update History:

  • 05-31-2014 – Published post
  • 06-01-2014 – Added information, photos and link to Facebook photos of the event
  • 06-04-2014 – Changed links of Facebook photos to titles for clarity

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