Event: Hobbifest 2014 (Part 2)

Updated: 05-21-2014

The Activities

After the long wait from morning, the first activity, pizza eating contest, c/o Greenwich Pizza started around 2:30 PM.

One of the contestants was Rhaikin Z Lalic from the Loujae Cosplay photoshoot event.

Here is the video of the actual contest:

After the pizza eating contest, the hosts introduced Kendama, a Japanese toy (probably similar with yoyo).

The girl is more skillful than the guy. The girl had difficulty performing the last trick, though.

The first batch of cosplay skits started afterwards:

I was not able to capture all of the first batch.

And then the second batch of the skits:

This ends our coverage. As much as I wanted to finish the event, I had other matters to attend. The event continued and ended with Karaoke contest with the cosplayers. The rule of the contest is to sing OST of Anime. Here is a video uploaded by the participants:

Orange (Second Ending theme on Toradora!)

Our friend, Bryan Cruz just uploaded his photos of the event on his facebook album:


The event has the potential to progress more if there will be additional activities and special guests which will be an eye catcher to the event, adding sponsorships and a reasonable entrance fee.

As for Asher, he seems to enjoy taking photos rather than being part of the photo. I asked him and he will look forward on the next cosplay event.

Update History:

  • 05-16-2014 – Published post
  • 05-21-2014 – Provided link of Bryan Cruz photos

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