Event: Level Up! Live 2004

Yes, I was there. The first and previously named Ragnarok Philippine Championships. This was the first time I attended and took photos of an event. It was held in Folk Arts Theater. I can still remember that all of the online gamers in an average of 16000 players were only playing in Chaos Server of Ragnarok Online. My first character was a DEX LUK Archer, which was recommended by my friends which I regret at the latter part and created my own character build, VIT Swordsman, in preparation for the release of 2nd job, Crusader. I still reminisce the lag when I grind at the Hode and Sphinx, the 1,000 fee for teleport and heal. And I believe, Pritong Kandule was being drafted by that time.

Heat was a bit of an issue because the venue did not have air conditioners. The bright light you see on the pictures were the ventilation.

I also took a video of the venue:

Other than the championship event, there was an art contest and the entries were displayed:

I was using a 1 MP digital camera back then. The largest memory capacity was 128 MB SD back then and camera phones were not a fad at that time.

They also held a cosplay competition. It was my first cosplay experience. Photos of the cosplayers with some of the GMs and hosts, Toni Gonzaga and Drew Arellano are uploaded here:


Yes. That was Alodia Gosiengfiao with her Isis costume.

I also took some videos of the cosplay:

There were performances of Seven Shots of Wisdom:

And Nina:

A very short video of Toni Gonzaga and Drew Arellano hosting the event:

And the winners of the Ragnarok Philippine Championships 2004:

Rebirth of Chaos Server won and became the representative for the Ragnarok World Championships 2004.

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