Event: Holy Week (Semana Santa) Philippines 2014 (Part 3)

The Seven Last Words (Siete Palabras)

Good Friday – Probably the last day of the walking streets, the last day to see the flagellants and the last day to hear the Reading of the Passion. However, today is the climactic event of the week wherein you will see devotees re-enacting the Passion of Christ.

The weather seemed to be in favor for the devotees. It was sunny. Since it is summer, you could expect the scorching heat of the sun. I decided not to bring a car since you can go to Baranggay Lourdes Northwest via commute and I am unaware of the situation of the event.

I saw the vehicles parked from Ospital Ning Angeles to the private lot. So it seems that there is plenty of parking space.The man-made Golgotha is now crowded with tourists and vendors compared with few days back when I went there. Even the streets near the Golgotha are now blocked for vehicles.

During my walk, people started to run towards the man-made hill thinking that the event will start. For what I know, the event starts at the walking street.So I walked further towards the walking street.

You can still hear the Reading of the Passion. I took a photo of the Do Not Enter sign having blood spurts. Seeing that, I knew that I still have a chance to take photos of the flagellants.

As I look around, I found out that the organizers set up a stage at the walking street. From the crowd, I saw some in Roman guard costume. Somewhat, I felt like I am in a cosplay event.

By 1:00 PM, the stage became crowded. Feeling the heat of the sun and being blocked from the crowd along with the umbrellas, I got a hard time taking a photo and video. The re-enactment seemed to start with the 14 stations of the cross, seeing Pontius Pilate and Caiaphas at the stage.


Roman guards seemed to include the crowd by scaring them away to give space for the re-enactment. As they were clearing the space, I was able to be in position for the start of march.

As the carrying of cross passed me, I got mixed with the crowd and was unable to get in front. The whole street got covered with the crowd having a hard time to squeeze through. (Video to be uploaded)

As we go near the man-made hill, the crowd which I have thought to be impenetrable scattered as we saw this:

It was not that the crowd were scared of the flagellants.But they do not want their clothing to get blood stains. Some were hiding at my back while taking the video ending up getting a few stains.

I went ahead to the hill as near as I can. People already had their spots. By this time, I already drank 3 bottles of mineral water due to the heat. Some people even sweat on their arms. It was a good decision for me to wear long sleeves, However, I did not bring a hat and put sun block which I later found out that I had sun burn on my face and nape. People at the back were screaming at the people at front who were holding umbrellas and blocking the view of Golgotha. Even photographers with DSLRs are having challenges with getting a view.

Later than 2:00 PM, they have started the crucifixion. The devotees are nailed on the cross while standing and the arms are tied. Probably they have done this in order for the people to have a view with the nailing. The re-enactment ends with the sound of thunder and water spouts from the fire truck representing as rain.

The videos I took are zoomed in maximum. A slight bump from crowd and having my arms raised up high made my video shaky.

Few minutes later, devotees were escorted via ambulance to Ospital Ning Angeles, walking distance from the man-made Golgotha.

To be updated…

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