Event: Prime Asia – Models’ Night (Part 2)

After the Pure Voice Duo’s performance, the FHM models made their entrance:

Guest DJ also started his performance:

I was surprised and happy that I saw my friend, Kervin Lao and I asked for his help by taking his photo along with the models:

Kervin introduced me to his friend, Xander one of the organizers of the event (APEX). As per Xander, Prime Asia Hotel asked for assistance with APEX to organize an event to promote the hotel.

I will look forward to attend APEX’ future events.

I also took a short video of the place:

The models mingled with the guests the rest of the night. I took some pictures of them:

Though I was expecting a show, it may be beneficial to some since they will have more time to chat with the famous models. And I made most of it by taking close up pictures.

The event lasted at 4:00 AM

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