Event: FHM Vixens at Juliana Club 03-28-2014

As I go to work, I saw Hazel Peralta’s poster on Juliana Club. Seeing her at Premiere Vixens in Pinklady Club, I fixed my schedule in order to attend the event.

I arrived at the club at around 10:00 PM. Compared to previous event of Juliana, 20th Anniversary feat. Mocha Girls, the entrance fee for this event was P500 per group table.

The staff were having a birthday celebration with Sancho, the owner of the club and thankfully, the show of the FHM Vixens had not started yet.

On one of her speeches, I was struck on her saying that it is more like an obligation to her to take care of the staff and to continue maintaining the club. I believe that the staff were touched with her speech. I wonder who was inside the Mickey Mouse costume as the hosts making it trivial?

The host, Street Noyz band, along with the managers and Sancho, made a short performance afterwards:

By 11:00 PM, the FHM Vixens, Bianca Peralta, Maica Palo and Cathy Frey ramped to the stage (video to be uploaded)

After their first ramp, Juliana Dancers also performed their set:

For their 2nd ramp, I managed to go in front to take pictures:

Lights were changing in color which caused the discoloration of photos.

I took a break with ordering a beer worth P100.00 per bottle and Gyoza worth P200.00 while the Juliana Collection Models were performing their set.:

Actually, I haven’t ate dinner so I also ordered one cup of rice worth P35.00. I believe the Gyoza was prepared by Yu-Fu-In Japanese Restaurant, a partner of the club.

FHM Vixens went back to the stage for their third set:

The FHM Vixens also played a game with some of the audience:

And the winner had a free overnight stay at Stotsenburg Hotel:

And finally, the show ended at around 12:00 AM with the Street Noyz band performance:

The FHM Vixens roamed around the club to mingle with the guests / audiences afterwards. I asked one of the waiters how much was the ladies’ drink for them and it cost P500.00.

To be updated…

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