Event: Prime Asia – Models’ Night (Part 1)

It was very sudden. I was informed by my sources that a FHM model event will be held in Angeles City. I took my chances to fix my schedule and I was able to push through the Prime Asia – Models’ Night event in Prime Asia Hotel, Malabanias, 03-15-2014.

I reached the venue at around 9:00 PM. Parking was full and I was escorted to park at the gas station beside the hotel. The escort was insisting to leave the keys of the car at first. But I prefer parking nearby myself to avoid issues.

The facade of the hotel looks great. The entrance fee of the event was P350 with a free mixed drink. Busy looking for a good place to take photos, I forgot to take the photo of the mixed drink.

You have the surrender the whole ticket to avail for the mixed drink. I wish there is only a portion or signing to prove the claiming so that there would be at least a remembrance for the event.

I looked around and took some photos of the venue while waiting:

I managed to take photos of the staff. One of the staff at first was shy to have her photos taken. But as I take the photos of the others, I was able to persuade her 🙂

I also took a video of the Pure Voice Duo’s performance:

To be continued…

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