Event: McDonald’s National Breakfast Day 03-17-2014

It was McDonald’s second National Breakfast Day in the Philippines. McDonald’s gave away 1000 Egg McMuffins on each of their 315 branches in the Philippines. Yes, that’s a total of 315,000 Egg McMuffins! Who would have thought that McDonald’s can produce 315,000 eggs? Were you able to get one? The promo was posted also on their website.

Here were their terms and conditions on their event:

  • Coupons valid between 6:00am to 9:00am on the same day only.
  • Only one (1) coupon will be given per customer.
  • Coupon is not for sale.
  • Once customer has surrendered the coupon at the counter, his/her hand will be stamped by the crew to validate that the McMuffin has been received and may not be given another coupon.
  • Only one (1) McMuffin can be claimed per coupon.
  • Only one (1) coupon can be redeemed in a single transaction.
  • No coupon, no free McMuffin.
  • Coupon cannot be converted to cash and/or other McDonald’s products. McDonald’s reserves the right to refuse redemption if coupon was found to be tampered with.
  • Only original McDonald’s issued coupons will be accepted.

We tried acquiring one inside Clark (nearest, fastest, and assuming the least branch to run out of stock). Passing through drive thru, one of the staff is waiting outside to provide coupons and stamped our hands. We bought 1 hot chocolate so that we would not be embarrassed with asking a free Egg McMuffin only though it is not required to purchase. Inside the branch, we saw students from aviation holding Egg McMuffins.

If you are looking forward to this event next year and you are happened to be in Angeles City, you have to be on the branch within the first hour of the event. How did we know? Anonymous sources visited different branches:

  • McDonald’s Rotonda – At 6:10 AM, one of the sources is already around 200th slot (based on the stub number)
  • McDonald’s AUF – 6:15 AM, one of the sources was able to acquire an Egg McMuffin. On observation, there only few claims on this branch at this time.
  • McDonald’s Santo Rosario – Around 6:30 AM, the branch is crowded.
  • McDonald’s Nepo – Around 6:40 AM, the branch is also crowded.
  • McDonald’s Fields Avenue – By 6:50 AM, our source is already on the 983 slot.
  • McDonald’s Dau – By 7:15 AM, free Egg McMuffin is no longer available.

Our sources met on one place to acquire this photo. The muffins were given away to their family, relatives and co-workers.


  • Anna Cunanan
  • Bernard de Guzman
  • Anonymous sources
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