Event: Clark International Motor Show 02-23-2014 (Part 1)

Updated: 01-14-2015

Thankfully, it was my day off and I got a chance to attend the last day of Clark International Motor Show in Parade Grounds, Clark, Pampanga.

We arrived at the Parade Grounds at around 2:00 PM and it was sunny. We bought a 1 day pass worth P100.00. At the ticket booth, they are also selling shirts and caps.

As we went inside, saw a lot of exhibits and entries. The were about more than 50 participants. I took some photos of the entries.

Sponsors also presented their exhibits. I also saw Motolite, Petron, GMA 7, ABS CBN 46, Juliana and Pink Lady Club, Stotsenburg Casino as sponsors. I got a freebie poster from Motolite and a deck of cards from Stotsenburg Casino.

The event has Off Road entries also:

Took also pictures of models on exhibits. I also uploaded these on our DMKAEL Experience Facebook Page for sharing. If you happen to know them, please tag or mention their names on comments:

We also checked the food caterers:

What caught my attention among the caterers were the Foogu Catering (Food Guys). And the food was great. I was also impressed with their staff because their English is fluent and both have attractive looks.

During the afternoon, the program on stage were about the presenters of exhibit such as Ford, Pampanga. Regarding the drag races and speedway races, the ticket seller told me they are on a nearby venue, Nayong Filipino, still inside Clark. For the Drift Race, here is the race track, also in Parade Grounds. It was a Remote Controlled Car Drift Race.

At around 5:30 PM, the Sexy Dolls performed on the stage before the awarding of Auto Fashion and the Miss CIMS 2014 Coronation:

Next — Miss CIMS 2014

Update History:

  • 02-25-2014 – Published post
  • 01-14-2015 – Added link for Part 2

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