Event: Premiere Vixens in Pinklady Club 10-31-2012

Before I started to blog, I attended Premiere Vixens’ Temptation in Pinklady Show Theater Club, Angeles City 10-31-2012. I thought of posting this since I took a lot of pictures on the event.

I arrived on the venue at before 12:00 AM. I felt like I got reservations because there was only one group table remaining and they asked me to seat there. Later on I was asked to transfer for 1 seating which is fine since my main purpose was to take pictures. I even got permission to take pictures and videos of the event as long as they are group and wholesome dances.

As for the first set, the Premiere Vixens did a catwalk.

The colors of the pictures look abnormal because the lights were changing.

I saw some photographers taking pictures and I managed to join them at the front of the stage.

Since the colors of the pictures are changing, I also took some videos:

The Pinklady Collection Models also had an intermission number

For their next set, the Premier Vixens teased some of the guests / audience. One of them is one of the photographers (Lucky him).

And last look with the Vixens on the final set

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