Event: SM City Clark’s 2nd Pyrofest Competition 11-23-2013

As I mentioned on Metro Rides 4 at SM City Clark (Day 1), I had less time since I watched Catching Fire at IMAX. In line with this, I got a free ticket on the ordinary pass for SM City Clark’s 2nd Pyrofest Competition. You can avail tickets for the Pyrofest with the following options:

  • 1 Gold / VIP Ticket – Exchange receipts purchased in SM City Clark worth P5,000.00
  • 1 Ordinary Ticket – 1 Ticket of IMAX
  • 1 Ordinary Ticket – Exchange receipts purchased in SM City Clark worth P2,000.00

Outside the entrance, there were a lot people. I guess they do not have tickets.

At around 7:00 PM, fireworks were lit up at a timely manner. Probably for testing and attracting people.

I went back inside the mall to meet up some friends. At around 8:00 PM the 1st entry has already started:

I caught a glimpse what in VIP ticket. You will be at the center part of the show and in front of the stage with the hosts. I also saw some seats arranged. And this is what we saw on our ordinary ticket. You will be standing or sit at the sidewalks of the parking lot And you will be at the front side of the event.

Since we were at the front, we smell the gunpowder and ashes were falling.

I was not able to get pictures of the hosts on the stage since it was too far. They had a guest, the elevator girl at SM who greeted the people on the event.

I tried to look for a better view but the 2nd entry for the competition has started so I took a video even if I was in front of the pole:

Finally, I found a good spot, though ashes were falling during the 3rd entry:

I tried to take pictures for 4th entry and these are what I got:

And the grand finale came from Singapore:

One of the rules I heard from the hosts is that the entries should have less than 6 minutes on their fireworks display.

The event ended at 10:00 PM and it caused heavy traffic inside Clark, Friendship exit and Balibago.

To be continued…

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