Event: Metro Rides 4 at SM City Clark (Day 2)

Updated: 05-07-2014

We arrived at SM City Clark at around 4:00 PM. And as I mentioned on Day 1, I took more pictures of the models and cars.

There were some booths that gives away freebies such as stickers and shirts. Toyo Tires were raffling shirts and giving away stickers. Repsol / Bumper 2 Bumper booth were selling / giving away ballers, shirts, and stickers.

Here are the pictures of the cars:

I am still practicing for best angles for the cars, Hopefully you like them.

And here are the pictures of the models. Names of the known models are:

  • Allysa Rojas
  • Alyssa Lagahino
  • Belle Cortes
  • Christine Te Nano
  • CJ Young
  • Joycee Castro
  • Michanne Kaye (Mika) Umali

At around 7:00 PM, they announced a lot of winners for the event. The event had alot of categories / awards. And each category had 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

You might think there are a lot of duplicate shots but those are shot once for each award. And the representatives won multiple categories.

I also took a short video of the models during the awarding. I saw Mika Umali, Alyssa Lagahino and Joycee Castro getting carried away with the music and was hoping to catch them on video But I got no luck:

If you are fond of cars and models together with photo shoots, then this event is right for you. Though it will be more interesting if there will be intermission numbers or shows other than the awarding.

Update History

  • 11-27-2013 – Published post
  • 05-07-2014 – Removed error photos and provided additional info.

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