Event: Metro Rides 4 at SM City Clark (Day 1)

My friend kept on telling me to attend or wait for events held by Bumper 2 Bumper. I somehow managed to take a peek on the Metro Rides 4 event on 11-23-2013 at SM City Clark which was also referred by the same friend. We arrived at the venue at around 2:00 PM Manila Time.

Here is the the shot from second floor of SM Clark:

I did not sleep as of this writing for more than 24 hours from work and I also watched a movie of Catching Fire from Hunger Games, IMAX.

I went down and take close up pictures of the cars:

This is the only car show model I took for the day:

I was able to see Joycee Castro and other models. However, I was scheduled to watch Catching Fire from 3:30 to 6:00 PM. SM Clark has also a Pyrofest Event on the same day at 7:00 PM which I also attended and will be publishing a separate post about that. So I decided to attend Day 2 of Metro Rides 4 to take pictures of the other models.

3 thoughts on “Event: Metro Rides 4 at SM City Clark (Day 1)

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