Event: Automax Babes Coronation Night (Part 2)

Updated: 07-14-2014

Finally, all of the videos have been uploaded. You can check back Part 1 for the video of the 1st set or ramp of the models.

During the voting period, I managed to take pictures of DJ Jade Hartman.

Actually, there were 2-3 DJ’s. I am still searching for the name of the other DJ.

I also took pictures on some of the crowd:

I saw some photographers taking notes from the people they took pictures of. I have a clue that the photographers were asking probably for the people’s names, phone number or Facebook accounts. Seeing that, I decided to ask some facebook accounts in order for me to tag them. Honey Grace Salvador was one of these photos who I met again on FHM Philippines Victory Party 2014

After taking these pictures, the guy on stripes introduced himself as the marketing manager (not sure of the event or of the place) to me.

Unprepared with the marketing manager’s introduction, I shook hands with him, smiled and said “Ah, okay” and continued to take other photos. To the marketing manager: If you happen to read this blog, “Nice to meet you Sir. I will upload these 2 pictures on the facebook page. If you have time, kindly like the page and tag yourself so that I could know you better. Probably, no need for my introduction since you are reading this blog :)”

The ledge dancers were eye catching to the photographers. And the dancers enjoyed having their photos taken. I joined with the photographers to take some photos:

One of the photographers told me that I could have a kiss with one of the dancers. And he even proved it by showing me his picture kissing with 1 of the ledge dancers. Watching the dancers, they are a bit tipsy. And nope, I did not try to have a kiss.

I also took some of their videos:

While the photographers are busy taking pictures with the group of ledge dancers, I separately took a picture and video of another ledge dancer. And she asked me to tag her on Facebook and told me about her Facebook account.

By 3:00 AM, the hosts announced the winners of the Automax Babes, Kim Domingo, Honeyv Euqor and Joycee Castro. Pictures below show what prizes they have won.

I did not regret that I have attended the event. Other than watching and being with the models, I learned how to take pictures with my Samsung phone better. Also, I got acquainted to some people due to their requests of having my pictures tagged on Facebook.

Regarding the place, I wonder how the crowd would be like on an ordinary day. If they are as liberated like what I saw with the ledge dancers and people are willing to have their photos taken. I almost felt that I do not want to leave or I wished that the event won’t end. If you happen to know, feel free to comment.

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