Event: Automax Babes Coronation Night (Part 1)

During this event, I learned essential things in terms of my cellphone photography. After having some suggestions, I added some italicized paragraphs which are my personal feelings or comments. I hope you will like it. I uploaded all of my shots for the mean time and will be removing the defective ones as I update.

The event was set at 7:00 PM and I reached there from Pampanga at around 8:00 PM. This was the first time I went to Prime Upscale. So I had challenges reaching the venue since the map was pointing to Scout Rallos Street. Fortunately, I was able to manage and it was along Tomas Morato, near Scout Madrinan.

I took a lot effort to attend this event even if I am alone. My friends were either busy or do not have budget. Some said that there is next time or wait for them to come to Pampanga. To those who were not interested, here is what you missed.

I bought the ticket at the entrance worth P300.00. And I got some freebies such as Premier Vixens 2013 calendar, condom and 1 San Miguel Light beer, which I already drank on the event.

As much as I would like to show what are the contents of the calendar, it contains nudity.

I did not expect that I was one of the first 10 guests to be inside the venue. While waiting, I managed to take photos of the place.

I felt shy and keep on asking the security if I could take photos of the place with the balcony and the models. Thankfully, I did and I wished I took more pictures with the models.

Few minutes later, guests were pouring in. The models had a short practice with their walk on the ramp. I managed to be at the front left of the ramp. Photographers and I started to pictures as they practice.

I felt uncomfortable being side by side with the photographers knowing that I was the only one using a camera phone. But I kept on going.

The event started at 10:00 PM. Seeing the pictures I took, having a 1 second delay, I decided to take a video of their ramp:

After the segment, I managed to take some photos of the barrister, waiter and promo girls

I saw the DJ near me and tried to ask to take a photo of her. She answered back and told me that she was busy and take a photo later.

At 12:00 AM, the models went back to the stage. The host informed us to cast our votes by buying P20.00 ea. from them. This time, I tried taking photos.

I wanted to vote for Dale Go Meris, Ann Mateo and Yuka Kuroyanagi but I cannot find them. I tried to go upstairs but the security did not allow me because the balcony were for VIP’s (Which is why I said that I was thankful to take photos earlier). I tried to buy votes for Joycee Castro but it seems that her votes were sold out from her foreigner fan. I voted for Kimchi instead, who was hard to have photos with her since she was occupied selling votes. (Hopefully I was not judged with my looks and age too).

Continued on Part 2

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