Event: Final Book Signing of Jinri Experience 2

A friend of mine was desperate to attend Jinri Park’s “Final Book signing of Jinri Experience 2” last October 19, 2013 in Promenade, Greenhills (hosted by Big Boys Toy Store) since she announced that she will be going back to Korea. So, I tagged along and accompanied him.

We arrived in Greenhills at around 1:00 PM and had time to eat lunch at Le Ching Tea House which I will be making a separate post about it soon.

We reached the venue before 3:00 PM and saw a line of Jinri’s fans excited and waiting for her arrival.

While waiting for Jinri, the host informed the crowd that we were allowed to have only 1 picture from their photographers on stage for every purchase of magazine (P350.00), shirt (not sure of the price) or poster (P200.00) from them. All items bought can be signed. If you had an item which was not bought from them and wanted it to be signed, you will need to buy 1 from them first before having the other item signed. Here are some of the items that they were selling:

If you want to take a picture with your own camera, you have to be off the stage. I tried to ask the host if I can have 2 pictures and thankfully, he allowed me to have 2 photographs from their official photographers reasoning that I bought 4 posters.

Jinri arrived and delivered a short greeting.

We noticed that the signing seemed to be fast and later found out that the she only put her signature. I just wish that she added a short personalized message. Probably there was reason behind it.

At the last part of the event, the host auctioned the big FHM cover poster and autograph signed by Jinri. The poster was sold P5000.00. As one of the crowd hilariously shouted, “Anak, huwag ka na muna mag gatas ha, para sa poster ni Daddy?” and “Paano na ang tuition ni Junjun?”.

I saw this guy making a selfie of himself with Jinri behind him while she was signing. Liked the style 😀

They also tried to auction another tarpaulin of Jinri but nobody placed a bid on it.

Jinri also threw some Cobra Energy drink shirts as giveaways.

And then, official photographers took a picture with the staff and Jinri. The big back on the picture was their official photographer

To end the event, Jinri made a farewell message and then left the venue.

It’s a worthwhile experience as my friend said. Probably for me too since she is going back to Korea and probably will not have another chance to meet her in person and have a picture with her.

The pictures taken by the host’s official photographers are now uploaded on Big Boys Toy Store Facebook page. They also promoted the photo of having the most likes by the end of the October will have a signed Jinri’s Sailormars Tarpaulin poster. I wish my photo would have the most likes. Here is the link of my photo:

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