Event: Juliana, 20th Anniversary feat. Mocha Girls (Part 1)

It was my friend’s birthday eve and we planned to attend Juliana’s 20th anniversary party with the Mocha Girls, 10/11/2013. We arrived at the venue 9:00 PM. There was also a van that provides transport from the parking lot since a typhoon is passing. Also, we saw a pork or beef being roasted outside. Surprisingly, the tables were already full and we had no reservations. Fortunately, management was able to provide us tables near the entrance. While waiting for my raw videos to be uploaded, we will start with the photos.

Party started at around 10:00 PM with the performance of the local bands and models.

We had some short drinks and food

In part of the Juliana’s anniversary, they also presented their new logo.

Since we are near the counter and entrance, waiters and customer passed by and covered my first set of the pictures and videos. I managed to sit in front of the stage to get clear shots during the dance and song numbers of Mocha Girls

Mocha Girls also gave a Torque cellphone as prize to a lucky winner of their Gimme Gimme game. I took a video of this one that I will present on Part 2.

During this game, the show was interrupted and ended with a power interruption due to strong winds of Typhoon Santi.

The show had a show fee of P300 per head (non-consumable).

Click here for Part 2.

Update History:

  • 10-13-2013 – Published post
  • 03-22-2014 – Provided link for Part 2
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Cim~ has been active to take photos of his friends since College. Years had passed and recently, he just uploaded numerous throwback pictures to all of his friends. Other than that, he is fond of checking new hangouts or restaurants. Friends around usually ask him suggestions where to go or what food is suggested. Advised by his friends, he is now inspired to do a photo blog of places, events and food he experienced.

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