Event: Best of Anime 2013 (Part 3)

Finally, the last part of my post for Best of Anime 2013, Day 1. I was able to upload the raw videos I mentioned on Part 2:

Philippine Voice Actors


By the way, you might have bumped to these two. I actually got a free hug, twice πŸ˜€

2013-09-14-1946And what is fun being a cosplayer, I think? You feel like a star posing in front if the camera, people asking a picture of you.

And here are the additional pictures of my friend with the cosplayers. Diomar, you can download the pictures of you from this gallery πŸ™‚

And that’s all I can give with my experience from BOA2013, Day 1. I hope you liked my posts and visit my blog again for the future events this October.

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