Event: Best of Anime 2013 (Part 2)

Thanks for standing by for my Part 2. I was able to catch a glimpse of the event guests. Though my lack of sleep and long walks were taking affect, I managed to take some photos and videos:

  • Ashley and Alodia Gosiengfiao
  • Local voice actors
  • Karael
  • Yuki Godbless
  • Jiaki Darkness
  • Jinri Park
  • Starmarie

We took a short break with one of the food vendors on the event, Tapsilog, Hungarian Sausage. I took curiosity with Kuchay-ah :

During our break, Jinri showed up on stage and announced that she will be going back to Korea. *sigh* I did not have the chance to get a photo with her T_T

Our local voice actors of Akagi from Slamdunk, Erika from Daimos, Taiga of Kuroko’s Basketball and Son Goku of Dragonball (not sure if he is the actual voice actor or just imitating) also presented on stage. I was able to take a video but this will take awhile.

More of our friend Kirito, I was able to take his video while he was on stage:

Took some photos of good toys:

Also took some people’s photos:

A funny moment:

While I was preparing to take a photo / video, I saw a pretty girl about 3 feet away from me and we were looking to each other “alternately”. When I decided or about to ask to take a photo of her, she whispered to her friend and went off. I don’t know if it was coincidence, or simply she thought of me as a stalker, ouch!

Here are the winners for the cosplay competition. I was too tired at this point to know who they were:

And for the Day 1’s finale, I was awed with Starmarie’s performance and energy. I just wished people stayed to watch but it was really late for the kids:

And I think I know where the Recon Groups’ been slacking off 😀

And there you have it. Day 1 lasted ’til the mall’s closing. If you are fond of taking cosplayer photos and events, you will need to finish the whole day to complete it.

I will try to make part 3 of this but we are only pending on the following:

  • Video of the our local voice actors with their demo (664 MB)
  • 1 more video of Starmarie (476 MB)
  • My friend’s photos with the cosplayers (Intentionally not posted them)

If you are still interested w/ these photos and videos, feel free to visit Part 3.

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