Blog: Picture Blogging and More Part 3

At this point, I am near to satisfaction on my blog. Finally, I found a way on how to tag a specific location. You can use Google Maps to search for the specific establishment and use the link button to embed it on your post using the text tab on the body. I will update all of the posts soon w/ their respective locations.

Sadly, face tagging might not be possible since this is a unique feature of Facebook. But I am satisfied on the current findings.

More Findings

For the first time, I uploaded a video on YouTube on my post, Burger Shack. Though I am still thinking of putting English subtitles for the benefit of other readers. You can use the embed option from the share tab of YouTube once you uploaded the video and embed it on your post using the text tab on the body.

I haven’t started designing the logo picture of the blog which is why I am still using the generic pictures. But on posts, I use the pictures of the establishments. Also, I am not done w/ the appearance of my blog since I am focusing more on my posts.

You might be wondering that I am republishing my old posts. The truth is, I have updated the posts w/ added photos, information or video and put a a page history at the very bottom for reference.. I prefer that instead of making a new post.

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About Cim~

Cim~ has been active to take photos of his friends since College. Years had passed and recently, he just uploaded numerous throwback pictures to all of his friends. Other than that, he is fond of checking new hangouts or restaurants. Friends around usually ask him suggestions where to go or what food is suggested. Advised by his friends, he is now inspired to do a photo blog of places, events and food he experienced.

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