Blog: Picture Blogging and Reblogging

I feel dissatisfied on my first post, Tech Upgrade Caravan. I got used to facebook’s organizing, tagging and caption. What I wanted are the following:

  • Thumbnails are resized automatically, evenly and proportional to all pictures
  • Option to picture scrolling instead of scrolling the whole page
  • Adding captions to each picture (I think this feature is available)
  • Tagging the post on a specific location. (Geo Tagging is still general, I want to tag a specific establishment)
  • Face tagging

I am thinking of linking my facebook account for the pictures but the blog site I created will become senseless and readers will follow my facebook account instead. I might end up uploading the pictures on photobucket to maintain readers checking my blog. Definitely, I need to research further to improve my picture blogging.

For those reading this post, feel free to provide inputs.


I just tried reblogging after I added additional info. It seems that reblogging is a different post / page and it does not update or show another entry under categories. I think this helps on notifying readers that I updated a post. But I want to make my blog clean and use the update option since you need click next on the original post to view the reblogged post.

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About Cim~

Cim~ has been active to take photos of his friends since College. Years had passed and recently, he just uploaded numerous throwback pictures to all of his friends. Other than that, he is fond of checking new hangouts or restaurants. Friends around usually ask him suggestions where to go or what food is suggested. Advised by his friends, he is now inspired to do a photo blog of places, events and food he experienced.

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